Our Services Include

Our Services Include

  Sensible Energy Independence

A recent study found that 25,000 square miles of solar panels would generate enough electricity to power the entire world. By investing in solar power, you can help the United States get closer to energy independence. Price fluctuations can have a serious impact on the economy. When you use solar powered energy, you can help ensure a sustainable source of energy for the future and also shield ourselves from said price fluctuations.

  Site Feasibility & Financial Analysis

There are many solar financing options out there to help stay in your budget. If you are installing a solar system to your company building, solar energy will help your business be more profitable and also provide green jobs for your community. There are many tax incentives and rebate programs across the U.S. designed to encourage the use of solar.

Some ways to save money:

Carlson Solar will be help you during every step of the process. We offer consulting to assist you in choosing the most affordable solar system that fits your home/company needs. Contact us today!

  Grid Tied Installations

A grid tied solar system allows customers to feed electricity, that has been generated from solar power, back into the grid. Customers get credited for this extra electricity. These credits can be earned when you’re not using the solar powered electricity, for example when you’re not home during the daytime. These credits can then be used at night or during winter months when the sun isn’t out as often. The end goal is for the credits to end up at a net zero so ComEd doesn’t owe you any credits and vice versa.

  Battery Back-Up

Have you ever been had a bad storm come through making the power go out and leaving you without a working sump pump? Everyone is very dependent on electricity so image the things in your home that wouldn’t work because the power went out:

  • Refrigerator
  • Furnace/Heating
  • Lighting
  • Security System
  • Sump Pump
  • And more!
  • If you have a solar system and you install a solar battery, you can store the extra energy that your solar system produces into your battery instead of feeding it back into the grid. You can use this stored solar energy when your power goes out or during nighttime when your system isn’t producing as much electricity. Carlson Solar can help you decide whether getting a battery is the right fit for you. Call us today at (630) 404-5342!

      Solar Electrical System Designer

    Carlson Solar performs a complete analysis of your site, provide comprehensive incentive documentation, and design your system based on your needs. Carlson Solar installs your system and provides ongoing maintenance while applying the most cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions.